Many Moons

Out now on Blackbird Record Label

Jeremy Squires surprised even himself with the sonic textures of his newest album, Many Moons.


One of North Carolina’s most prolific folk singer-songwriters, Squires opted to record the songs he’s written on his analog keyboard over the last few years for Many Moons, which he self-produced. The experimentation leads to some unexpected sounds, yet the heart of Squires’ songwriting remains true.


Echoing its title, Many Moons is built around imagery of darkness and dreams. These moments may be pulled from his own life, yet he writes in such a way that listeners can put themselves into the lyrics.

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Eastern Glow

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North Carolina native Jeremy Squires has spent the better part of two decades playing in bands and recording his own style of sparse and rootsy folk music. Since 2013 he has been staying especially productive, releasing a handful of albums and progressing his ability as a songwriter capable of crafting music filled with depth, emotion and haunting imagery. 
Eastern Glow, a collection of quiet and introspective folk songs with sparse, stripped down instrumentation. The raw production and the intimacy of the music make Eastern Glow an album that speaks to our current times,

- Glide Magazine

A Collection Of Covers

Digital Album Streaming + Download Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


“Poem is moody and takes what’s considered “Americana” by its ear and dares us to explore what works within the confines of genre. Much like how Lucero dove on Among the Ghosts and Jason Isbell did with The Nashville Sound.”
- Farce the Music


“For anyone unfamiliar with Jeremy Squires, Poem is a good introduction to his heartfelt and emotionally wrought folk music. The music acts as a vehicle that delivers Squires’s explorations of life, love and death with maximum unpretentious emotional heft.”

- Various Small Flames



"Jeremy Squires carries in his voice the undeniable charms of the small Southern city, as well as a darker, haunted undercurrent. The occasional chill can and should be expected when listening to this talented songsmith."


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New Bern, North Carolina native and haunting folk troubadour Jeremy Squires engages listeners with his uniquely dark and beautifully vulnerable songs. On February 19, 2016 Shaker Steps Records (Lexington, KY) releases Jeremy’s 3rd full length album Shadows. The album represents a continued brutally honest meditation on confusion, heartache, and loss. Candid melancholy masterpieces like “Carry You,” “Hourglass,” and “Your Love” leave listeners speechless. Enjoy Shadows with a side of quiet contemplation.


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When Will You Go...

Since the release of his first album, A Place To Hide, in January 2012, Jeremy Squires has become synonomous with thought-provoking lyrics and melancholic music. His candid approach to songwriting welcomes his listeners to step inside his dark and stunning world providing comfort and solace to other weary souls. Jeremy’s rare ability to emotionally open up and sing about his struggles with his demons and fears has allowed him to open up creatively giving him more confidence to experiment more on his new album, When Will You Go....

Originally written and recorded in early 2013, Jeremy produced When Will You Go... in his North Carolina home. Released in November 2013, he intended to use the album to explore themes of death and fear of losing loved ones, but it eventually became much more taking on a whole new and personal meaning. Playing banjo, guitar, piano, and resonator guitar, Jeremy enlisted indie songstress Anna-Lynne Williams (Lotte Kestner, Trespassers William) to sing background vocals as well as multi-instrumentalist Shane Leonard (Kalispell, Field Report) to play fiddle, bass, organ, and percussion. The result, a brilliantly sparse album with darker, more melodic songs like “I Am Still Here”, “Echoes”, and “Like a Thief in the Night”. Mid-tempo tracks like “Oblivious” and “The Nest”, although complicated and dismal they provide a lasting impression. Continuing the themes of When Will You Go... is “J.L.P” which is about the loss of both Jeremy’s father and grandfather.

When Will You Go... says a lot about Jeremy Squires as a person and an artist. He may not write the happiest of songs, but what he does write is absolutely gorgeous and unearthly. And, just to be clear, even though Jeremy’s songs are a little on the gloomy side, that doesn’t exactly make him a dismal person. It just shows that he has creatively fought his way through sickness and struggles making him a better human, musician, and artist who continues to use his personal battle to grow and produce honest and spectacular albums. He demonstrates that beauty and creativity can and does rise from the ashes of fear and death.

"This is one of the finest albums released this year and one worth every minute of your time and attention."
- Wake the Deaf

"Jeremy Squires lays some dark and honest shit out there on this album. That takes courage and brutal openness. It also isn’t an easy feat. I have come to love this album. I think it should be up there with some of the best albums released this year."



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