Central Nervous Station - EP - CD + Digital Download

In this world there are people who can find inspiration in their darkest hour turning their ugliest moment into a beautiful piece of art or an extraordinary song. Then, there are some who can’t. And, those who can’t call those who can “tortured artists.” However, there are tortured artists, and there’s singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires. Rising above the dubious and clichéd distinction, Squires conveys a true emotion that never sounds contrived or feels forced. His new EP, Central Nervous Station is a perfect example of his raw vulnerability combining haunting melodies with thought-provoking lyrics to shed light on the human condition and his personal struggle with depression.

Self-released in January 2013, Central Nervous Station is the follow-up to Jeremy’s previous albums, A Place to Hide (January 2012) and In the Dark (May 2012). Writing songs to confront his demons, Central Nervous Station is a collection of his intimate thoughts and genuine feelings chronicling his pilgrimage inward toward self-discovery and healing. To also aid his mending, Jeremy played all of the instruments on the EP while recording it at his New Bern, North Carolina home. All of the songs on Central Nervous Station have soothing warmth and glow lying just below their melancholic and troubled surface. The loneliness is palpable in the title track, “Central Nervous Station,” while “A Warm Glow” is fraught with the turmoil and anxiety of mental illness which can be heard in the steely, short guitar throughout the song.  And, the confusion of yearning and fear to be loved, or of love in general, weighs heavy in Jeremy’s pensive and anguished voice in “Run.”

Though Central Nervous Station sounds depressive, there is something calming and medicinal in Jeremy’s introspective lyrics and emotional voice. A group of songs so human, so pure, and so private, you feel like you’re listening to his personal journal being sung aloud. The real beauty of Central Nervous Station lies in Jeremy’s ability to communicate his vulnerability and connect with you on a basic human level. So, with no barriers to separate you from the deepest, darkest part of his soul, it’s comforting to know that Jeremy is open and honest enough let you in to share firsthand in his sickness and struggle.

"Jeremy Squire's new EP, Central Nervous Station, is simply haunting. Its despondent semblance is one that easily engages in a way where you not only hear the songs he's written but you can feel them as well. Brimming with honest emotion, this is an album that requires time well spent to fully appreciate - but is very much worth it."  -- Kyle Black, Yankee Calling

“North Carolina singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires lets the back-country bleed through on his latest record of campfire-ready acoustic tunes, Central Nervous Station. Squires’ voice is honest in such a way that you imagine his melodic intone and his speaking voice not differing at all — like his conversational cadence carries the same longing and gloom as the spacious queries he makes on Central Nervous Station.” – Andrew Poitras, Diffuser.fm